Hemorrhoids can be treated with some food therapy

Hemorrhoids can be treated with some food therapy


Take 50 grams of decoction of winter melon peel and wash the anal hemorrhoids outside, which can reduce swelling and pain.


Take three cock bile and buckwheat noodles in an appropriate amount and add green bean large pills, 6 grams each time.


60 grams of lean pork, 30 grams of locust flower, served in soup.


The intestines of pigs boil banana cores to cure hemorrhoids and prolapse.


Wash 200 grams of pork lungs and cook 60 grams of fresh Houttuynia cordata. After cooking, remove the medicine residue and season with salt.

It has the effect of clearing heat and relieving cough, detoxifying and anti-inflammatory.

Applicable to wind-heat cough, bronchitis, sore throat, inflammation, swelling and pain of hemorrhoids.


The snail was washed and smashed, and an appropriate amount of alum powder was added. After a layer of clear liquid appeared on it, rub the affected area with cotton wool dipping solution.


Loach 250 grams, with a small amount of eustoma, ground elm, locust horn, gardenia, millet shell, stew soup.


Polygonum multiflorum boiled chicken: 500 grams of hen meat, 30-50 grams polygonum multiflorum, boil soup together, season with oil, salt, and ginger.

Good for liver and kidney, nourishing yin and nourishing blood, nourishing essence and adding marrow.

Suitable for prolapse of the anus, hemorrhoids, uterine prolapse, blood deficiency and dizziness.


One live river mussel, invaded into about 1 gram of Coptis powder, crushed the borneol, wait for it to overlap the mussel water, take it with a bowl, and dip the mussel water with a cotton ball to coat the affected area several times a day.


Treatment of dry and hot cough, hemorrhoids and constipation: 2 bananas, add the right amount of rock sugar, stew water-proof, twice a day, even for several days.


Fig pork soup: 250 grams of lean pork, cut into small pieces, 100 grams of figs (dry), cook the soup, season with an appropriate amount of salt.

Reasonable intestines and stomach, detoxification and anti-inflammatory effect, cure hemorrhoids, chronic enteritis.


Composition: 100ml of white wine, 100g of brown sugar.

Usage: Boil brown sugar into the iron pot. Take 1 dose in 2 days, once a day in the morning and evening.

Note: Two doses can be effective. If there is further participation, one or two doses can be taken.

Parents’ test anxiety syndrome ear self-adjustment

Parents’ test anxiety syndrome ear self-adjustment

With the growth of the college entrance examination, the atmosphere of the entrance examination gradually became tense.

Many candidates and parents experience symptoms such as insomnia, nervousness, anxiety, and loss of appetite, which we call “examination anxiety syndrome.”

  ”In the face of the college entrance examination, I am more nervous than the child.” Ms. Li, the parent of the candidate, has a certain orientation. “My daughter is about to participate in the college entrance examination this year, but I am even more nervous than the child.

Sometimes I woke up at four or five in the morning, and my mind was full of college entrance examinations.

The focus of life has all shifted to the child, every day changing methods to make her delicious meals.

Every night I accompany her for as long as she studies. Sometimes the child says that she needs to sleep for a while, and let me wake her up at two o’clock in the morning to read a book.

Sometimes I saw my daughter lying on the table so tired that I wanted to wake her up and felt that the child was too hard.

But in a blink of an eye, I thought, now that time is so tight, the rest of her time has already rushed to the front.

Among parents of candidates, Ms. Li’s mentality is very typical.

As the saying goes: “Poor parents.”

The exam was originally a matter for students, but it was more stressful, and it seemed that parents were worried.

  1. “Attentiveness”: When the child is reviewing, he should be cautious and tiptoe to deliver drinks; do everything possible to make a lot of delicious food for the child to eat, and persuade: “Eating more health is good, the test will be good”and many more.

  2. Contradiction: When the child sleeps a little early, he will have something for the child to “do not study hard”; when he sleeps a little late, he is worried that the child will have no strength the next day.

The school teacher has lectured too much and is worried that the child will not be able to afford it; but if the teacher leaves school early, let the students study by themselves, and blame the teacher for being irresponsible to the students; etc.

  3. Offside: Impose your own thoughts on your child, and take pains to find a variety of review materials for the child, and ask for information from other schools and other students.

  4, sacrifice: there is no class, accompany the child at home, do not sleep in the middle of the night to check the child’s room.

Let the child just learn and do all the housework.

  These performances of the parents make the home feel like an enemy.

All this conveys a message to the child: now is the crucial period, the first priority of the whole family is the examination, and there must be no mistakes.

Children who realize this will feel pressured: parents have pinned all their hopes on me, and I am sorry if they fail the exam.

Parents’ excessive concerns are likely to directly or indirectly affect their children’s pre-exam review and performance.

Therefore, in order to decompress the child, the parents must first decompression themselves, and let them and the child take the normal face test together.

  1. Keep calm and give your child a very safe feeling.

Excessive stress can cause a variety of psychological disorders in children.

To relax the child’s nerves, parents must first relax their nerves, try to restrain their nervousness, and let the children notice the trust and stability of their parents.

  2. Maintain a comfortable home environment.

The family should be a peaceful harbor for children to learn and live, and parents should create a relaxed and pleasant home environment for the children.

But don’t force it. Of course, listen to your child’s opinions.

  3. Don’t use others to pressure the child.

Some parents always use role models or other people’s children to motivate their children.

For example, when parents say these words intentionally or unintentionally, they may hurt their children’s self-esteem.

  4. Have realistic goals and expectations.

Parents should set their own expectations and goals based on their children’s usual academic performance and strength.

Only when parents maintain an open mind, can they treat their children with ordinary minds and let them enter the examination room with ordinary minds.

  5. Parents should not exert too much pressure on their children’s learning.

Parents should be tight inside and loose outside. May wish to take the time to take their children to the streets to shop or play in the park to adjust their children’s psychology, communication and children’s emotions.

  6. Listen carefully.

When your child talks to you about difficulties or stress, parents should listen more and talk less.Don’t talk about the principles that everyone knows.

When your child tells you stress, it doesn’t always mean that you have to deal with it immediately, but it is an emotional release, a trust in you.

At this time, he needs your understanding and support even more.

The best you can do is listen.

Benefits of eating radish raw

Benefits of eating radish raw

After the radish is cooked, its active ingredients have been destroyed, and raw radish-chewing can transform the active ingredients in the cells to be released, and pay attention to not eating for half an hour after taking to prevent its active ingredients being replaced by other foods.

100 grams to 150 grams daily or every other day.


hzh {display: none; }  科学研究发现,萝卜中含有一种抗肿瘤抗病毒的活性物质,能刺激细胞产生干扰素,名为干扰素诱生剂,对人的食道癌、胃癌、鼻咽癌, Cervical cancer and other cells together have a significant inhibitory effect.

  After the radish is cooked, its active ingredients have been destroyed, and raw radish-chewing can transform the active ingredients in the cells to be released, and pay attention to not eating for half an hour after taking to prevent its active ingredients being replaced by other foods.

100 grams to 150 grams daily or every other day.

Escape the spiritual coercion for 8 hours

Escape the “spiritual coercion” for 8 hours

Work is like a rubber chicken rib, which is not only uninteresting, but also absolutely challenges the limit of human fatigue .
Eight hours a day, nervous, bored, and helpless, the spirit is in a state of being “raped”, because reason reminds himself that he needs to survive, so he can’t afford the courage to resign, day after day, and almost collapse.
Severe hatred is a kind of mental rape.
  When tiredness comes-they say: I really don’t want to go on with my work!
  Seven reasons for job-wearing people Reason 1: Ideals are always so far away from reality Such people generally have big ideals, but the realization of ideals requires a process, and not everyone can achieve success casually.
When in real life, a lot of effort is made, and when you are still far away from your ideals, the feeling of tiredness will be spontaneous: the position is far from what you want; the salary is not satisfactory .After hard work and unsatisfactory harvests, I transferred all my troubles to my own work.
  Reason two: I am tired of complicated interpersonal relationships. People who first entered the job are most likely to have such thoughts.
Because compared with the complex interpersonal relationships at work, the school can be regarded as a pure soil, people are relatively simple, even if there are any bumps between each other, it will be fine to explain it.
But once you step into the school of Social University, you have to quickly learn to get along with leaders and your colleagues within a few days. Everyone’s personality is different . If you can’t handle these problems well, yourWork is inevitably affected by emotions.
Over time, you become exhausted when you are exhausted physically and mentally.
  理由三:没有理由,就是不想上班   女性由于其生理期,往往会产生情绪性厌职――其实你的工作表现已经很不错了,而且也没有什么过大的压力,可就是莫名奇妙会感到做事Boring.
For example, the menstrual cycle will cause cyclical hatred, and menopausal women’s feelings of hatred are more obvious.
In addition, due to social factors, women are more “emotional” and do not want to do it for no reason.
  Reason 4: I have a gentle backrest. When women work, they often encounter a variety of pressures, and from time to time they have the idea of not wanting to continue.
If you have a boyfriend or husband who loves you very much, when you complain to them, if they often say, “Do nothing, I can support you, and resign without you!”
“Actually, your situation is not that he is doing things alone, you can live well, so you have to work, but you have fantasies about him, you have a psychological retreat, so you have reason to hatePost.
  理由五:工作的日子总是如此单调   你的工作非常出色,什么都得心应手,可你天性好动,每天面对同样的工作环境,一样的人进进出出,单调的工作反复地做着,以前Your interest has declined, and you feel that your job is not interesting, and everything is pale and colorless.
  理由六:压力太大了,为何我总是不行   压力催人成熟,可是一旦压力大到不能再扛,而让你感到“我不行了”的时候,便会选择心理上逃跑,但又不是行动The real escape is that when you ca n’t find a place to vent your pressure, being tired is a good way.
  Reason 7: Holidays are coming soon When the holidays are coming, many women will be tired of working.
You always imagine that you can sleep comfortably for a few days after the holiday or that you have planned to play with your friends, so you look forward to the holiday today. The remaining few weeks of work days have become particularly long, and you have a little bit of workAbsent-minded.
  厌职情绪不再来:   专家为厌职者精心煲制的心灵鸡汤   1、及时发现你的厌职情绪:   ――时间:刚开始对工作都是很新鲜的,多数女性出现厌职是在工作一Years later, especially those who have worked for seven or eight years, have done a very good job, and suddenly feel tired of work. If you mention work, you are very irritable, especially when you are anxious and upset when you go to work on Monday, then you shouldConsider whether you are tired of your job.
  ――Are you really tired of your job?
  When you find that your tiredness is obvious, let yourself rest or exercise for a period of time. After eliminating the fatigue caused by work, if you are still not interested in work and continue for a long time, you have become tired.Among the professional mood.
Well, you should find some ways to adjust yourself!
  2、厌职者的心灵鸡汤   重新审视自己的工作:先不要把目前的目标定得过于遥远,理性地分析一下你厌职的原因,重新把自己的工作审视一下,最好是把现阶段的Work is linked to your ideals, so you don’t worry about your current work being too far away from your ideals.

Old people’s health begins from the head

Old people’s health begins from the “head”

When people reach old age, the sebaceous glands shrink, and the yang is weakening, especially in the head. Because of the most contact with the external environment, many diseases occur from the “head.”
Therefore, the elderly should pay special attention to maintaining the health and hygiene of the head.
Hair “hair, blood tip”, often combing hair is beneficial to promote blood circulation in the head, increase the nutrition of the hair, usually should eat more food containing iron.
In addition, the sebum secretion of the elderly is relatively reduced, usually once a week to wash the head, and it is not appropriate to use too much alkaline soap.
  The face is often rubbed with both hands to promote blood circulation and increase the body’s resistance.
It is best to wipe your face with your hands every morning, evening, and evening, so that you can reduce the wrinkles on your face.
  Nasal Massage the nose with both hands and thumbs up twice a day, about 50 times a day, persevere, to prevent colds.
Even if a cold occurs, it is less severe.
  The eye often turns the eyeball to the left and right, up and down, and insists on blinking, which can delay vision loss.
Secondly, when you are indoors, you can look at the corner of the window within 4 meters and repeat it many times. Outside, you can gaze at the distance and observe a certain object in a targeted manner.
  Ears Every day, use your left hand to bypass the top of your head, hold your right ear and lift it up 14 times, then use your right hand to lift the left ear 14 in the same way, morning and evening.
You can also cover your ears with your hands and twist your head 35 times. You can dispel the wind and exorcise the evil spirits. Then you can use the second finger to press the middle finger. After weakly hitting the brain, you can play the bullets 24 times to the left and right.
When you sit down, you can massage the inside and outside of the ear, and knead it. Over time, you can replenish your kidneys, keep your hearing, and increase your antifreeze ability.
  Oral elderly should brush their teeth once a day in the morning and evening, and rub the teeth up and down 15 times a day.
There are also methods such as the traditional use of the tongue to swallow the body fluid, etc., can also be used as appropriate.

Chinese medicine acupuncture weight loss also depends on physical fitness

Chinese medicine acupuncture weight loss also depends on physical fitness

Among the many weight loss methods, acupuncture weight loss has become the method of choice for many beauty lovers with the advantages of less pain, no complications, and no dieting.

So, are all obese people suitable for acupuncture to lose weight?

  Obesity is generally divided into pathological obesity and physiological obesity. Pathological obesity patients can be improved by acupuncture to achieve the goal of weight loss, but for physiological obese people, acupuncture weight loss methods are basically invalid.

  The best effect of acupuncture to lose weight is the adult obese, the most suitable age is between 20-40 years old.

Especially for people with diabetes, the meridian regulation and acupuncture point acupoints have a significant effect on weight loss for adults with abdominal abdomen. Secondly, for obese people who are too wet in the body, acupuncture can diuretic and sweat, so as to eliminate water.Wet effect can achieve the purpose of weight loss; Some obese people are due to excessive gastric acid secretion, so more and more sensitive intensity, there is always the urge to eat, these obese people are generally called “stomach fire WangwangThe function of acupuncture is to reduce the stomach fire of too many people, reduce or suppress the excessive appetite of obese people, thereby reducing appetite, avoiding overeating, and inhibiting their digestive ability and absorption function; and some other obese people causeThe reason for obesity is due to inertia and constipation, and acupuncture can achieve laxative effects; there is also obesity in menopausal women. Women in this period have less activity and endocrine disorders. If diet is not strictly controlled, it is easy to accumulate adults and cause obesityAcupuncture achieves weight loss by regulating body secretion.

  It should be noted that acupuncture is not suitable for weight loss in patients with the following conditions: 1. Acupuncture is not suitable for weight loss during illness.

2. Patients with hemorrhagic disease, hemophilia, persons with impaired coagulation mechanism and anemia.

3. Voluntary blood donation is less than one month.

4, suffering from skin diseases.

5. Patients with poor cardiac function and pacemakers if possible.

  Here also I would like to remind those who are preparing to lose weight with acupuncture. At present, there are many names for acupuncture weight loss in the society.Perform weight loss and conditioning.

  Related information: In the process of acupuncture weight loss, do not participate in excessive diet control, especially without obesity therapy.

However, acupuncture combined with diet is more effective. Here is a reference acupuncture weight loss recipe: Breakfast: a cup of white soybean milk (sugar-free) + a slice of whole wheat bread (or) skim milk + egg white Chinese food: one or two rice + a vegetarianThe best cooked in water) dinner: eat at 6 o’clock.

You can choose tomatoes, cucumbers and salads.

  Dinner time is better as early as possible, not later than 7 pm.

Water and fast for 5 hours before bedtime.

How to deal with sensitive children?

How to deal with sensitive children?

Last year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, I had a party with a group of friends, and a three-year-old boy out of a dozen people had a good heart.

Because of the birthday of one of them, a big birthday cake was put on the table. Like all children, Xiao Kexin always cared about when to eat the cake.

Finally, when it came time to eat the cake, Xiao Kexin suddenly became unhappy after a large piece of cake, and noisy to leave.

It turned out that a little uncle who was very familiar with Xiao Kexin applied the cream to Xiao Kexin’s face and created a “cream face”. Everyone didn’t pay attention and just laughed, but Kexin felt that everyone laughed at it.He was seriously frustrated.

  The joking uncle hurriedly first stopped an aunt trying to explain, and then served the cake. He smiled and let Xiao Kexin dipped in cream and wiped two on himself, and happily displayed hisXiao Hualian asked Xiao Kexin: “Does it look good?

Haha, fun.

“Everyone laughed, and Xiao Kexin also laughed. Mom said,” Uncle is playing with you, no one laughs at you, and no one laughs at him.

“A small storm went smoothly.

The uncle’s timely recovery avoided leaving a shadow on the child’s youth.

  In addition to the above, in the past few days, I have also experienced other ways of “teasing” children. For example, when I went to my colleague’s house and saw a three-year-old boy Hu Bo having a lot of toys, a guest joked: “You haveSo many cars, give me the air force.

Hu Bo said silently, standing next to his mother watching the guest alertly.

Hu Bo’s father said smoothly, “Give it to your uncle, don’t be so stingy.

“I hurriedly interjected:” This is Hu Bo’s stuff. Hu Bo can not give it, this is not stingy.

“There can be too many subsequent festivals: Teacher’s Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, and National Day . The gatherings between relatives and friends in the festival are indispensable, but at least it should be noted: children can’t judge someone and others’ attitude towards themselves like adultsA joke is definitely nothing to an adult, and it doesn’t matter to some children, but it can cause deep damage to those children who are more sensitive.

Try to recall, you can find that many people still deeply remember some unpleasant childhood incidents, such as Dad grabbed a hand he caught and threw it on the roof, and mother scolded himself for a whileThe word “dead” is bullied by the boy while the teacher sits by and ignores it.
I still remember these little things clearly for so many years, which is enough to show that I was hurt because of this, but this kind of injury has a subtle influence on interpersonal relationships.

  So, when you do n’t understand the child ‘s personality characteristics, what jokes try to be less open?

For example, do n’t take the child ‘s own things casually, do n’t ask the child to test whether the child is “generous”, especially what the child likes; do n’t laugh at the child ‘s physical characteristics, such as a larger head, a special hairstyle, and missing a fewTeeth; don’t use threats to ask your child to be close, “Call your aunt, call, otherwise I’ll take your car” “Come, find your uncle, don’t come, your uncle grabs you” and make a vicious look; don’tMaliciously teasing, letting children “go abroad” and then “seeing jokes”, especially in crowded places . Educating children is better than rumors such as “can’t just ask others for something”, everyone will tell children this; but adults “teasing” childrenIf he asks for his toy car without giving him criticism by his father for being “stupid”, the child’s thinking will collapse.

Or discover: Adults can take other people’s things!

Children’s behavior is learned, so adults must pay attention to their words and deeds when there are children present.

  Parents need to protect their children. Chinese people pay attention to face. Even if they feel that their friends’ “teasing” of their children is not appropriate, they are embarrassed to stop it. The child’s heart is sacrificed.

Remind parents that it is still appropriate to gently stop relatives and friends who “teased” their children, and I am really embarrassed not to obstruct their attention or find a reason to hold their children away.

For example, Hu Bo’s dad can say to his colleagues: “Don’t tease him, he doesn’t know what a joke is.

Or say to Hu Bo: “These cars are all from Hu Bo. They can be given to the uncle or not to the uncle. You decide for yourself.

“When the child shows bad emotions, it must be reset in time. Uninformed parents should gently ask why the child is unhappy, listen to the child’s temper, and then resolve.

Sometimes the setting of a scene should be better than the interpretation of the language. For example, the uncle mentioned above is more effective for Xiao Kexin.

Sometimes children do n’t want to say it, and parents do n’t have to reluctantly, just say, “Okay, this is your secret, you can not say it; tell me when you want to say it.

Confinement should pay attention to 11 diet taboos

Confinement should pay attention to 11 diet taboos

The old saying, “You ca n’t wash your hair and brush your teeth after you have a baby” has been recognized by many modern new mothers as dross, but there are indeed many things you can’t do right after the birth. New mothers must not take risks!

. wounds during delivery, bleeding and recurrent contractions, as well as exerting every effort during labor, make the new mother’s consumption very large, and her body becomes abnormally weak.

If sufficient supplementary nutrition cannot be added in time after childbirth, the health of the new mother will be affected.

New mothers also have to take the responsibility of breastfeeding the newborn. The nutritional status will directly affect the baby’s development and growth.

Therefore, new mothers must first recognize enough postnatal nutritional supplements, and cannot think “the child can lose weight immediately after giving birth!

“At the same time, pay attention to avoiding some disadvantages of the new mother’s eating habits.

1, avoid eating MSG In order to prevent zinc deficiency in babies, new mothers should avoid eating MSG too much.

Generally speaking, the consumption of MSG in adults is beneficial and harmless, but infants, especially infants within 12 weeks, are disadvantageous if the mother during breastfeeding consumes a high-protein diet while eating excessive amounts of MSG.

Because sodium glutamate in MSG enters the baby through milk.

Excessive sodium glutamate has a serious impact on the development of infants, especially infants within 12 weeks. It can be combined with zinc in the baby’s blood to form glutamate, which cannot be absorbed by the body, but zinc is excreted with urine.This leads to a lack of zinc in babies. In this way, babies are not only prone to poor taste and anorexia, but also cause mental retardation, retarded growth and other adverse consequences.

2. Don’t rush to take ginseng. There is a new mother who is eager to take ginseng after giving birth and wants to make up for her body.

In fact, the new mother’s rush to replenish her body with ginseng is harmful and unhelpful.

Ginseng contains a variety of active ingredients. These ingredients have a wide range of excitatory effects on the human body. Among them, the excitatory effect on the central nervous system of the human body can cause adverse reactions such as insomnia, irritability, and anxiety.

The new mother, who has just given birth to a child, consumes a lot of energy and physical strength and needs to rest in bed. If she takes ginseng at this time, she will not be able to sleep well because of excitement, which will affect the energy recovery.

Ginseng is a replenishing medicine that promotes blood circulation and accelerates blood flow.

This is very bad for the new mother who has just given birth.

Because the blood vessels of the internal and external genitals are often damaged during delivery, taking ginseng may affect the self-healing of the damaged blood vessels, causing continuous bleeding and even major bleeding.

Therefore, the new mother should not take ginseng within one week after giving birth. After 7 days of delivery, the wound of the new mother has healed. Taking ginseng at this time will help the new mother’s physical recovery.

But do not take too much.

Ginseng is hot, which can cause a new mother to get angry or cause a baby to eat heat.

New mothers eat a variety of foods to supplement their nutrition.

3, avoid eating eggs too much Medical research shows that within a few hours after delivery, it is best not to eat eggs.

Because in the process of childbirth, the new mother consumes a lot of energy, sweats a lot, lacks body fluids, and her digestive ability also declines.

If you eat eggs immediately after childbirth, it will be difficult to digest and increase your urine.

Within a few hours after delivery, a semi-liquid or liquid diet should be appropriate.

During the entire puerperium, according to the nutrition standard provided by the state, the new mother needs about 100 grams of protein per day, so eat 3 eggs per day?
Four is enough.

Excessive consumption of eggs will also increase the burden on the stomach, and even easily cause stomach problems.

4. Avoid eating more brown sugar. Brown sugar is rich in nutrients, releases energy quickly, and has a high nutritional absorption and transformation.

After giving birth, the new mother has lost some blood and is weak. She needs a lot of fast supplements of iron, calcium, manganese, zinc and other trace elements and proteins.

Brown sugar also contains “Motherwort” ingredients, which can promote uterine contraction and excrete intrauterine congestion, leading to an early recovery of the uterus.

After giving birth, the new mother has a great loss of vitality and a weak constitution. Eating some brown sugar is good for nourishing qi and nourishing blood, strengthening the spleen and stomach, dispersing wind and cold, and promoting blood circulation and stasis.

However, the new mother must not eat so much because brown sugar has so much concentration, thinking that the more the better.

Because too much brown sugar water will damage the new mother’s teeth and the brown sugar is warm. If the new mother drinks too much brown sugar water in the summer, she will definitely sweat faster, making her body weaker and even heatstroke.

In addition, when drinking brown sugar water, you should boil it and add it. Do not use boiled water and use it immediately, because brown sugar is prone to bacteria during storage and transportation, which may cause disease.

5, avoid hard and rough and cold food new mother’s spleen and stomach function has not fully recovered, too cold food will damage the spleen and stomach and affect digestion, and cold things will easily cause congestion and retention, can cause new mothers abdominal pain, postpartum lochia and so on.

In addition, the new mother may not eat leftovers that have been replenished over time.

New mothers are also advised not to eat foods that are prone to allergies, such as seafood, or they may easily cause allergies or bacterial infections, which will directly affect the health of babies receiving breast milk.
However, fresh fruits are not included in the “taboo”.
Fruit has the effect of promoting appetite and helping digestion and excretion.

And fruits placed indoors will not cool to the extent that it stimulates the digestive organs of new mothers and affects their health.

6, avoid drinking a lot of boiled water in general, new mothers usually have edema at the end of pregnancy, and postpartum confinement is the golden period of physical recovery. During this time, all the water accumulated in the body should be discharged as much as possible.Water may not be conducive to physical recovery.

If the mother of cesarean section may need to take some medicine, you still need to add a moderate amount of water, but do not put a lot of water at one time, you should drink a moderate amount.

7. Avoid acidic and salty foods. Acidic and salty foods tend to accumulate water, which affects the body’s water removal. As a result, sodium ions in salty foods are more likely to increase the consistency of the blood, and affect metabolism and cause bloodThe circulation slows down.
It is best to avoid sour foods for new mothers during confinement.

In order to lose weight quickly, some new mothers are jealous to lose weight.

Actually this is not good.

Because all parts of the new mother’s body are relatively weak, there is a need for a recovery process. During this period, it is extremely vulnerable to injury. Acidic food will hurt the teeth and leave the new mother vulnerable to toothache in the future.

Vinegar contains about 3% acetic acid?
4%, if eaten only as a seasoning, the time of contact with the teeth is very short, it will not cause any adverse effects in the body, and it can also promote appetite.

Therefore, vinegar as a condiment, there is no need to taboo.

Over-salty foods have the effect of returning milk. Today, when breastmilk replacement is promoted, the taste of new mothers should be light.

8. Don’t eat barley and its products Barley and its products, such as barley malt, malt extract, maltose and other foods have the effect of returning milk, so new mothers who are still breastfeeding after delivery should not eat it.

9, avoid hot and hot food after the new mother lost a lot of blood, sweating and interstitial fluid also entered the blood circulation, so the body is obviously insufficient, and hot and spicy food will hurt and consume fluids, making the new mother angry.Sores in the tongue, constipation or hemorrhoids, and the baby’s internal heat can be exacerbated through milk.

Therefore, the new mother should not eat leek, shallots, garlic, pepper, pepper, cumin, wine and so on.

10. Don’t eat greasy foods As the postpartum new mother has weak digestion and peristalsis, too much greasy foods such as fatty meat, suet, peanuts, etc. should be eaten as little as possible to avoid causing indigestion.

By the same token, fried foods are also harder to digest and new mothers can eat more.

In addition, the nutrition of fried foods has been lost a lot during the frying process, which is worse than that of pasta and other foods. Eating more food will not increase nutrition for the new mother, but will increase the burden on the stomach.

New mother’s diet should be light, especially after the birth of 5?
Within 7 days, rice porridge, soft rice, egg soup, vegetables, etc. should be the main, do not eat too much greasy things, such as chicken, pork trotters, etc.

If the digestive function of the stomach is normal within 5 days after delivery, it can be supplemented with fish, meat, chicken, trotters, ribs and other foods.

4 daily?
6 meals, but not too full or too oily.

11. Don’t eat old hens. Because old hens are rich in nutrition and are the best product for tonic deficiency, most folks have always had the habit of stewing old hens after birth to feed the mothers to achieve the purpose of nourishing the mothers body.

However, it was found in life that a large number of mothers immediately supplemented the old hens, and in addition to other nutrient-rich foods, there was still insufficient milk or little lactation, which could not meet the needs of the baby.

In fact, one of the reasons for lack of milk or no milk is to eat old hens immediately after delivery.

The old hen is rich in nutrition. Why does it return to milk after eating it?

This is because women’s blood levels of estrogen and progesterone are greatly reduced after childbirth, at which time prolactin can play a role and promote the formation of milk.

The hen’s meat contains a certain amount of estrogen. Therefore, eating old hens immediately after delivery will increase the content of estrogen in the maternal blood and inhibit the effectiveness of prolactin, so that it will not function, resulting in maternal milk deficiency and even milk.

Androgens have an anti-estrogen effect. Rooster meat contains a small amount of androgens. If a mother takes a steamed cock immediately, it will increase milk.

The old hen contains a certain amount of estrogen, which has the effect of returning milk. Is it not possible for the mother to eat the old hen?

Here refers to 7 postpartum?
It should not be eaten within 10 days. Of course, after 10 days of delivery, if the milk is sufficient, you can stew the old hens to eat, which is very beneficial to increase maternal nutrition and physical fitness.

In addition, because the old hens are fatty and have poor postpartum constitution, women with relatively weak gastrointestinal digestive functions, such as eating the old hens too early, will easily affect the digestive function of digestion, thereby affecting the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Master the nine mental laws to make you successful

Master the nine mental laws to make you successful

1, firmly believe in the law When you believe in something 10,000 percent, it will eventually become a fact.

  2. The law of expectation The law of expectation tells us that when we are expecting something very strongly, what we expect will appear.

  3, the law of emotions The law of emotions tells us that people are 100% emotional.

Even if someone says that someone is rational, in fact, when the person thinks about the problem “rationally”, it is also affected by his emotional state at that time, and “rational thinking” is also an emotional state.

So people are 100% emotional animals, and decisions at any time are emotional decisions.

  4. The law of causality has its own reasons for anything to happen.

There is cause for effect.

In other words, when you see any phenomenon, you don’t need to think it is incomprehensible or strange, because everything happens for a reason.

Your current situation today is the result of the causes you planted in the past.

  5. Law of Attraction When your mind is focused on certain fields, people, things and things related to this field will be attracted to you.

  6, the law of repetition Any behavior and thinking, as long as you keep repeating it will be continuously strengthened.

In your subconscious, as long as you can repeat some people, things, things, they will become facts in the subconscious.

  7. The Law of Accumulation Many young people have dreamed of doing a great cause. In fact, there is nothing big to do in the world, and some are just small things.

Little things accumulate to form big things.

Any major achievement or disaster is a cumulative result.

  8. The Law of Radiation When you do something, it will not only affect the thing itself, it will also radiate to other related fields.

Everything has radiation.

  9. Relevant laws The relevant laws tell us: there is a certain connection between everything in this world, and nothing is completely independent.

To solve a difficult problem, it is best to start from somewhere else and not just focus on a difficult point.

10 gender perspectives in men’s eyes

10 gender perspectives in men’s eyes

In their eyes, men’s gender worldviews have the following 10 types: 1.

In the relationship between men and women, women are often involved instead of men.

  Faced with their favorite woman, men will show great fear and insecurity.

As the saying goes: “Men chase women, separated by mountains; women chase men, separated by gauze.

“There is also an interesting phenomenon: among the early overseas students, the women who abandoned their husbands first were often the women who actively pursued their husbands.


In the course of normal interaction, it is not absolutely that the man is active and the woman is passive.

For quite a while, men prefer women to be more proactive.

Because in business, men are accustomed to taking the lead, but when he enters the haven of the two-person world, women’s courage and positive attitude will make men find a balance in the tired struggle.


The reason why men spare no effort to pursue is often not because they like it, but because they cannot accept failure.

  Men with careers and ambitions don’t spend much energy pursuing a hopeless thing.

So, if you like a man like this, don’t play emotional tricks with him.

Sometimes men try their best to pursue a woman, but not necessarily because they love her deeply or because he cannot accept failure.

In this case, once this woman is obtained, he will not have the strength to create the same romance as before, unless he still feels insecure.


If a woman is too proactive to flatter a man, the man will not reject you, but will not grow old with you.

  If you find that your favorite man has no interest in you at all, don’t feel wronged and be with him willingly.

Because some men will come and refuse, but his heart will never belong to you.

So for such a man, give up early.


When it comes to sexual content, the scale or standard of men and women will never be the same. It is definitely “only state officials are allowed to set fire, and people are not allowed to light”.

Some women will retaliate with their own derailment after their husband is derailed, thinking that “you are not loyal to me, and I am not loyal to you.”

However, such “revenge” often happens to be self-defeating.

Because men don’t think they have anything great in the moment, but they can’t tolerate their beloved even if they betrayed once.


Men are also jealous.

Those who can only win and cannot lose in these careers do not want to lose themselves in love, and they will not tolerate others they love.

The less secure a man, the more fearful the flames of jealousy.


Men are animals, and if possible, they are never willing to have a relationship with a woman in their lifetime.

In the minds of men, sex and love are two very different things.

Women always have sex with a man because of love; men often have sex with any woman out of desire.


Men can’t stand or can’t listen to women’s endless nagging.

They will never understand what a woman is talking about.


Men act more than words.
Men may never learn to declare a declaration of love in the ears of women, they would rather show love in action.

Men are animals with extremely strong self-esteem.

To enter his world, first satisfy his self-esteem.