[Does toothache drink mung bean soup work]_ effect _ effect

[Does toothache drink mung bean soup work]_ effect _ effect

The shape of mung bean is just like its name. It is green and very small.

In the countryside, they will grow their own species, and in the cities, they will choose to go directly to the supermarket to buy.

In the impression of many people, summer is a good season to eat mung beans. Many people choose to have a bowl of mung bean soup in the summer, and even mung beans are placed in the cold drink. Many ice cream and ice cream have the word mung bean.

Does that toothache drink mung bean soup work?

Swelling and sore gums, sore throat, this is caused by severe internal heat caused by yin deficiency.

This situation requires nourishing yin and lowering heat, clearing fire and cooling blood.

Mung bean soup has the effect of cooling serum and reducing heat, which can just be added.

Be careful not to eat hot foods in the diet, such as greasy, stinky, and spicy foods. It should be light and cold foods, such as winter melon, kelp, loofah, bitter melon, stewed radish and other vegetables.

There are also fruits that nourish yin and cool blood, such as watermelon, grapefruit, Sydney, banana, etc.

These fruits are for the cold, not suitable for consumption in the morning and edible in the afternoon, in order to nourish the effects of cool blood and reduce heat in series.

Pay attention to sleep early and get up early in your daily life, don’t stay up late.

This can nourish the liver and kidneys, making internal fire difficult to produce.

Drink cassia water (5 grams of cassia seeds and 3 grams of water in chrysanthemums) daily to remove the heat.

If you do as mentioned above, you can cure heat by nourishing yin and blood and reducing internal heat.

If you want to recover as soon as possible, you can use 30 grams of gypsum plaster and stir three times a day to quickly clear the internal fire.

The anti-inflammatory drugs in western medicine can only play an anti-inflammatory effect. If the internal heat is severe, it is of little effect, but if you do as mentioned above, you can clear the internal heat when you take appropriate anti-inflammatory drugs in western medicine.

Toothache is a common disease.

Its manifestations are: swelling of the gums, irritation due to hot and cold irritation, and swelling of the cheeks.

Toothache is mainly caused by gingivitis and periodontitis, dental caries (fractured teeth), or broken teeth that cause dental pulp (dental nerve) infection.

The first cause is tooth body, dental pulp sheath.

The second is potentially periodontal.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that wind and heat attack the wind, fire, and evil, and damage the teeth and gums. The evil gathers, the qi and blood stay, the air holes are blocked, and the stasis and the veins become disease.

In addition, the meridians of the hands and the foot Yangming meridians are the lower teeth, upper teeth, large intestine, epigastric heat, or Fengxie attacking the meridians.

The main bone of the kidney, the teeth are bones, the kidney yin is insufficient, and the inflammation of the fire can cause toothache.

There are also foods that eat too much glycine, the teeth are not clean, the scales corrode the teeth and make them painful.

Therefore, the main cause of toothache is the patency of air holes, followed by the Yangming Meridian and Kidney Meridian.