[How to process and save fresh peach gum just picked]_How to save_How to save

[How to process and save fresh peach gum just picked]_How to save_How to save

Peach gum can be said to be a natural tonic. It is a substance produced by the processing and treatment of a kind of oil secreted from the peach epidermis. A certain substance has many benefits to the human body and is very popular.welcome.

Peach gum is rich in vitamins, collagen, and trace elements that are beneficial to the human body. It has the effects of improving human immunity and beauty.

The processing and preservation of freshly picked peach gum is a very important point. Let’s introduce the processing and preservation below.

First, processing and preservation: 1. Peach gum is harvested in summer. Use a knife to cut the bark and wait until the resin is secreted for collection. Moreover, the peach gum must be collected after the early peach harvest until the frosted peach tree is collected.Collected before the rain, peach gum will naturally foam when it encounters water 2. When the peach gum is just picked, soak it with mulberry ash soup and then take out the peach gum to dry itGrey + water, it is a kind of medicinal material) 3, peach gum will contain a lot of impurities, soaked in water, washed away impurities, and then dried, the dried peach gum is crystallized. Shizhuang is very hard, a bit to amber, wait until the peach gum is driedThis degree is even better4. Put the processed peach gum in a cool and dry place. Remember to protect it from moisture.
There are no problems for 2 years. 2. Peach gum can be eaten. 1. Peach gum can be put in the fruit. The peach gum is foamed and then boiled for 20 minutes. Season with rock sugar, and then naturally cool. Then add milk, coconut juice, etc.Add fruit, or taro, if it is cold, it is more delicious2. Peach gum Sydney can be made like rock sugar Sydney, but here is peach gum, plus rock sugar, stewed across the water, it is a very lung and cough diet.

Third, the efficacy of peach gum: 1.

Enhancing physical strength Cells and tissues in the human body contain a large amount of protein. Protein is not only an important part of the human body. It is involved in various internal activities of the human body. Protein is the source of human life. Eating peach gum can supplement the body with protein and enhance it.The synthesis of tissues inside the body has the effect of strengthening the body.


Controlled-release blood sugar, hypolipidemic peach gum is mainly a polymer of a variety of monosaccharides and unsaturated fatty acids. It can be eaten with porridge after being soaked in water, which can increase the content of monosaccharides and unsaturated fatty acids in the blood.Both control and lowering blood lipids can help.


Beauty and aging The aging of human skin is directly related to free radicals. The elasticity of the skin is related to collagen. When the collagen in the human body is insufficient, the elasticity of the skin will decrease and wrinkles will appear. Peach gum is rich in plant collagen protein., A proper amount of edible peach gum can effectively supplement the body’s collagen, which has side effects on the reduction of skin elasticity.